Post Natal Pilates

"I'm finding the post natal pilates class much better than others I've tried for focusing on the right things to repair the damage of giving birth in a gentle but constructive way, wish I'd known about you pre-natally!" [Epping post natal Pilates]

"I've enjoyed the post natal course so much, thank you. I think you should be cloned and prescribed on the NHS for all new mums." [Nina Preece Epping Post natal Pilates]

How has your body changed after pregnancy and birth?

I've been working with new mums for over 15 years, one of the biggest issues many are scared to talk about is pelvic floor. Fortunately I am VERY happy to talk about it and have lots of tools to help. The best place to start for many is a basic, 4 part pelvic floor/squat sequence. Just click the button below to get the videos sent to you.

Post natal bodies respond brilliantly to post natal Pilates and with expert guidance you can get your body feeling much more like its old self!

I'll guide you through basic checks like checking for abdominal separation or pelvic floor problems.

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