30 minute Pilates flow

15 minute Pilates for beginners

You can buy a bundle of 4 pre-recorded live Pilates classes - to get a taste of Fit School Pilates - for £15 via our Fit School Shop.


Have you been recommended Pilates by a friend or physio? Maybe you've got back or joint niggles or you're a runner who wants a conditioning and mobility class to get you started with strength and core conditioning.

Rather than put it off (because you don't know where to start) come and join us for Pilates with me,  Karen.

I've been teaching Pilates for 17 years and have developed a teaching method that works, whatever your start point. You'll feel confident and encouraged (rather than told off). You'll feel better after the first class but the real results come after consistently doing Pilates for four to six weeks.

And if it's not right for you to start with a class - perhaps you need some private sessions - I'll let you know.

It's easy to join us. Book a trial month for £35 or join our monthly Bronze membership (one class per week) for £31.50. Just click on the class you'd like to join in our timetable and the booking system will guide you through the rest.


My back hasn’t been so good for a long time.



In a nutshell, it's a system of exercise designed to overhaul your body. During a class you will mobilise your joints whilst making your muscles stronger and/or more efficient. This is why it works so brilliantly to manage pain and posture. If you've got any worries here are some beginner FAQs explained: Beginner Pilates Myths


We have everyone from new mums to ironman triathletes, from 20s to 80s. From the very stressed corporate employee to the retired granny. It works for everyone because everyone needs and takes something different. Above all our classes are relaxed, challenging, educational and light hearted. We believe exercise should be fun.

It's more than just Pilates. It's the foundation of a new, stronger, more confident you and the foundation of any good strength and conditioning programme.

“Your approach to exercise is empowering as well as enjoyable, making exercise something to look forward to and less of a chore. More than this however, is your personal touch - you have always cared about each and everyone of us and we are very lucky to have had you as a teacher.”  - Carla, Pilates at Northern Trust.


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