Active Ageing Pilates

Active Ageing Pilates

What is Active Ageing Pilates?

Pilates designed for participants over 55 in Epping.

  • Have you moved less during 20/21?
  • Maybe missed classes or activities that you used to enjoy?
  • Are you feeling stiff and noticing niggles or pain?
  • You want to try Pilates but you’re not sure where to start?

If so you’re not alone. As we age, we need to work harder to keep moving and one size fits all fitness isn’t the answer.

Our Active Ageing Pilates class is designed specifically for older participants.

Active Ageing Pilates

Unlike generalist Pilates classes, Active Ageing Pilates uses evidence for exercise to help with conditions such as osteoporosis and osteoarthritis, movements that help with co-ordination, balance and core stability and adapts Pilates to make it suitable and more effective for older participants. 

Plus you’ll get access to expert advice, our active ageing body conditioning classes and you’ll join our friendly and inclusive community.

Fit School classes are membership only which means we always know who is coming to classes and can programme accordingly.

Our participants are fit, active and maintain active pursuits outside of the class.

Karen has been teaching Pilates for 17 years in London and across Essex. She’s an expert in women’s health and has written for and appeared in publications such as The Guardian, Simply You, Huffington Post and Best magazine.

"Having retired, I decided to try to take regular exercise that would help with a persistently aching back. Hearing that Pilates was good for improving core body strength I was keen to give it a go, but worried that it might be too hard for me. I looked for a local class and was happily surprised to find an anti-ageing Pilates class.

"I went to enquire about how to join. Karen invited me to join in the class there and then. I found I could manage more than I thought, although not everything. It was a massive boost to my confidence despite the fact that I ached for days afterwards!

"Three years later I feel fitter, my back has improved and I have lost weight and kept it off. I can also complete the exercises!

"The group is friendly and welcoming. We are all of a similar age so feel comfortable.
"Karen always checks whether we have any physical issues before we start & adapts the exercise to accommodate the individual person. 
"During lockdown, Karen has thankfully delivered the classes via Zoom, which has kept us all going.
"I would recommend giving it a go!"

Lots of evidence now suggests it’s stiffness not weakness which contributes to back or joint pain. If you have a niggle or perhaps want to be more active for your grandchildren, you have to keep moving.

Exercise isn’t just about how you look. It can increase your energy levels; has been proven to help mental illness; is recommended after cancer treatment and can help prevent secondary cancers; and can help with joint mobility, pain management and conditions like osteoporosis.

Join us every Monday at 1.30pm for Active-Ageing Pilates

Or every Wednesday at 9.30am for Active-Ageing Fitness

Join both online classes for £31.50 per month or try a month for £35.* (Membership cost when in person classes recommence are £31.50pm for one class per week and £47pm for 2).

Active Ageing Pilates: Why Age is No Barrier to Pilates

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