Fat Loss Toolkit

  • I want to lose half a stone and kick start a healthy fitness habit.
  • I've tried losing weight but don't want to count endless points or calories.
  • I want to shake up my diet and fitness and learn a system that works.

You've come to the right place.

Tense moments as I got on the scales today 😬 ... I am overjoyed to report that another pound of blubber has parted company with me 👍! 9 pounds down and going strong! I’ve got this! #Fitschool #Fatloss #Byebyebelly

Fat loss is a numbers game but if you're not massively into plans and spreadsheets, we'll make that bit easy for you with daily emails (or chapters) and

To get you started with some ideas we've created a really easy infographic with 23 ways to burn 100 calories.

The Fat Loss Toolkit book (available on Amazon)

    We've created a tried and tested blueprint you can stick to (and that fits in with your life) and that you can refer back to if you slip up in future.

      fat loss toolkit

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        We've also got a seven pounds in six weeks checklist to get you started.

        I stuck with it even on my least successful days but was able to come back with determination the next day.

            Here's what we cover in our Fat Loss Toolkit:

            • Simple rules to ensure you have a well balanced diet
            • Daily emails (or daily chapters) to keep you on track and help you learn about effective weight loss for yourself.
            • How to dodge negativity, bad days waining motivation.
            • What diet strategy works best for your lifestyle and personality type.
            • What to do if you fall off the wagon or it's not working.

            As ever, there's success in accountability and support too. So you'll be a part of our Fat Loss Community group on Facebook (if you want to be)

            When you're doing it right fat loss isn't easy but it is scientific.

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