Fat Loss Toolkit

If you’ve signed up to some fitness classes, dragged your trainers out of hiding and cleared the junk food from your cupboards, you may think your work is done in terms of losing weight.

But you don’t just want to lose a few pounds in the first week and then nothing. Nor do you want to lose half a stone but feel rubbish and quickly revert back to old habits. What you want is a blueprint you can stick to (and that fits in with your life) and that you can refer back to if you slip up in future.

This is exactly what our Fat Loss Toolkit is.

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And we share some of our nuggets of wisdom in our Seven Pounds in Six Weeks Checklist.

Here’s what we cover in our Fat Loss Toolkit:

  • Simple rules to ensure you have a well balanced diet
  • Daily emails (or daily chapters) to keep you on track and help you to learn about effective weight loss for yourself
  • How to dodge negativity, bad days and waining motivation
  • What diet strategy works best for your lifestyle and personality type
  • What to do if you fall off the wagon or it’s not working.

As ever, there’s success in accountability and support too. So you’ll be a part of our Fat Loss Community group on Facebook (if you want to be)

The online version of our Fatloss Toolkit runs three times per year. The book is available all year round.


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