Christopher Laing

Christopher Laing manages the nutrition, conditioning and weight management arm of Fit School.

This focusses on putting on lean tissue as well as losing fat. 

Christopher has been running his own personal training business for 12 years in London and the Home Counties. He now works with a small group of clients, running their entire health and fitness programme. His clients include celebrities, ex professional footballers, football managers, traders and business owners.

Christopher has specific areas of expertise - sports conditioning, injury management, muscle building, fat loss, training for events.

Christopher's aim for Fit School is through group training, members will have the same access as his one on one clients. For years he's seen people get frustrated with gyms or the next exercise fad. The reason is people don’t understand how to create a programme and a road map for success. You can make anything a programme. Walking, Yoga, Pilates, circuits etc. He's a big believer of making it fun, engaging and social. If you really want to accelerate your progress, add a nutrition programme.

The most important factor is that you address the lifestyle issues that have got the point you are right now.


Golf conditioning

Working with golf coaches to condition their players. Goals include injury management, better swing mechanics and increasing hitting distance. I have also trained golfers who are looking to bridge the gap between amateur and professional golf since (2005 to date).


William George Homes

Helped to train the Director out of debilitating back pain so he was able to be pain free for most of the day. Also regularly consulted to create health and fitness programmes for employees (2004 to date).


Fugler’s solicitors

Creating occupational work schemes to keep employees fit, take less days off sick and to improve productivity (2006).

Claire Richards

Christopher Laing trained Claire during her 5 stone body transformation and presented her fitness DVD, ‘5 Step Fat Attack’ in 2008.

Jimmy Hasselbaink

Managing his health and fitness after retirement (2011 to date).

Client x

Managing the health and fitness of man who was approaching 50. Partnering up with the head nutritionist for the England Rugby team we’ve created an individualised programme around blood profiles to offset age related issues. I also train his family and design family fitness summer programmes for his kids. (2011 to date).

Greg Secker

Hired as his full time Personal Trainer in 2013. Duties involved managing his health and fitness around his busy schedule. Working with his chef to create meal plans, travel and training him and his employees for charity events.

Wayne Bridge

Managing his health and fitness after injury forced him to retire. Duties involve working with physiotherapist to design exercise programmes and rehabilitate post-surgery (2013 to date).

Mark Holden

Trained ex-pro boxer Mark for a boxing fight. I helped him to cut his weight as well as preparing him physically for the fight. 

Previous teaching experience includes:
Cannon’s health clubs, Nuffield health, Virgin Active, Holmes Place, David Lloyd, Fitness First, Bannatynes Health Clubs, LA Fitness.

Nottingham Trent University
Business Studies and Quality Management BA Hons, 2001

  • Personal Trainer – Reps level 3
  • Sports nutritionist
  • Applied Nutrition and Supplementation - Dr Gary Mendoza
  • DNA Diet and Fitness Advisor - DNA Fit
  • Level 1 Strength and Conditioning - Charles Poliquin
  • Olympic Lifting and Golf Conditioning - Total Golf Athlete
  • Olympic Lifting - Juice Performance
  • AFT Functional Training - Faster Global
  • Dip PT and Sports Therapy - Premier Global
  • Bodypump, Rpm and Bodycombat Instructor. 
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