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Fit School: Inspiring Our Community

Do you want to understand how and why you are training? Perhaps you are as tired of fitness programmes based on the way you look or how quickly you can get in shape as we are.

Having spent over 5 years working in, for and around gyms, we (Chris and Karen) founded Fit School to get fitness education back out into communities.


We were frustrated that people weren't getting the results they deserved for their money, time and effort. We created Fit School to not just train our members but to teach them how to train themselves, what to eat and how to put it all together for the lifestyle they wanted.

Fit School members want to feel different. That might be learning to run, recovering from major surgery or managing chronic health complaints. It might just be finding a community of like-minded people who want a fit and healthy option for their families.

We aren’t budget fitness and no, we don’t do ‘pay as you go’. We've both been invited to speak at THE most prestigious fitness events in the UK but it's locally, working with our community which makes us most happy.

The Fit School programmes include Pilates, Pregnancy and post natal classesPE classesFit Camps, Nutrition advice, Running Club and Boxing. We also take exercise into schools, businesses and online.

So if you want to know how to get lean, how to get better, how to get fit to climb a mountain, how to live pain free, how to exercise safely during pregnancy, or how to find your body (and your bits) after you’ve given birth – challenge us and we’ll challenge you.

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