Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you do drop in classes?

No. We give all new participants the opportunity to try out a class for a one off rate but after this all our classes are either part of a course or payable via a class pass or monthly membership fee

If you are looking for something you can do sporadically if you can’t make a regular class commitment, Karen has an online Pilates programme available to buy for just £19 which gives you access to a private group and nearly two hours of 10-15 minute Pilates programmes you can download to your phone or iPad.

Why don’t you do drop in classes?

Progression is fundamental to what we do at Fit School. Having worked in gyms, where we did teach drop in classes, it was very difficult for existing or new participants to progress. It’s hard to plan or program when you don’t know who is coming.

We are also proud of our Fit School Community. We know each of our members and class participants. They are individuals who have specific needs and goals. We care about our members.

Paying for a group of classes in advance means:

a) you are committed to the new class (it takes a while to form new habits);

b) you give yourself a chance to learn and your body an opportunity to adapt – which is what happens when you train;

c) we can program the classes because we know who is in each class – this doesn’t mean you are all at the same level – but we can program with modifications and adaptations because we know who is coming; and

d) this reduces your risk of injury and/or frustration.

What’s the minimum commitment?

The minimum class pass size is four classes to be used within six weeks of purchase.

Why are some classes more expensive than others?

We have a range of classes on our timetable in order to make our services as accessible to as many people as possible (although we know we can’t please everyone). In some of our specialist population classes, like the Anti-Ageing class, the Ante-Natal class and Post Natal Pilates class, our numbers are capped to a) ensure you get the opportunity to ask questions and b) these are specialist classes which wouldn’t work with more people in them. There are more general level classes which you could attend but if you want a specifically programmed class for your needs, you will need to pay a little more. 

What if I try the class and I don’t like it?

That’s fine. We can’t please everyone. Our aim is to get as many people more active as possible, so if you’d prefer to go it alone or find different classes which will help you better than we can, we won’t be offended. In fact if we aren’t the right fit we’re happy to help you find the class or business that might be.

What if I miss my class? Can I make it up?

Given we have a few classes on our timetable during the week, we are happy for you to attend an alternative class during the same week if you miss a session. We’d just ask for a bit of notice to ensure we have space.

What if I’m ill or injured and can’t attend classes?

If you, or a dependent is seriously ill please let us know as soon as possible so we can work out on a case by case basis how to ensure you don’t miss out.

Do you do private sessions?

Yes we do. Although we love for people to become part of our class community we understand that for some, private sessions at home or in a studio are the best option. These could be done alongside classes or independent to classes. In fact if there’s something specifically concerning you, from injury to lack of mobility to training for your first major fitness event or nutritional guidance private sessions might be the best place to start. We can also arrange private group sessions at your workplace or your home.

Is the running club suitable for beginners?

Our run club is suitable for all levels because its focus is on technique, fitness and strength drills rather than just steady state running. That said, if you are a complete beginner and are anxious about joining an established group, you might benefit from a private session with some homework to help you feel more confident when you join the club.

Are your Pilates classes suitable for beginners?

The Thursday evening Pilates Foundations class is a good place to start or alternatively our smaller classes, like Tuesday morning. The Anti-Ageing classes are also fantastic if you are new. These classes are growing all the time. If you are starting with specific concerns or injuries then I would always recommend a short course of private sessions. My participants who have done private sessions alongside their first classes have always felt the benefit (and progress quicker). If you aren’t sure, check out Karen’s taster sessions online – there’s an Anti-Ageing version too.

My husband/partner needs to get fitter/stronger/more flexible. Can you help?

Yes we can. And we’d love to. But we would never recommend you attempt to give advice to your partner! It can be ill received (believe us – we live by this mantra too). Our classes are suitable for men and for women. Chris can do nutrition sessions via Skype or create exercise programmes without the need to attend lots of classes. Chris also runs Men’s Mobility workshops since we understand that due to childcare constraints (or occasionally ego) this might be more suitable. And from experience, where one man comes, more follow. So please don’t be shy. With enough interest we would happily put on a man only class.

How soon can I start to exercise after having a baby?

Medically and legally (for me) the guideline is six weeks post vaginal birth or eight to ten post caesarian. I always ask for you to have visited your GP to get the all clear for exercise (your post birth GP check up). However, this isn’t a carte blanche to sign up for a marathon. Your body needs months to recover fully after pregnancy and birth. C-section scars, perineal trauma, anaemia, breast feeding (and sensitivity to hormones), fatigue/exhaustion and pelvic floor or pelvic health are all things to consider when returning to exercise. This is why we recommend ALL women post birth attend a course of Post Natal Pilates (babies can come too) just to ensure everything feels a bit more normal and to get the once over from Karen, an expert in women’s bodies. We also have a Post Natal Fitness  class adapted for new mums.

For more information on running after pregnancy and birth read this.

Which class is right for me? I don’t know where to start?

If you are at all unsure please call or email us and we’ll happily talk through your concerns and advise you on the best place to start. Perhaps drop in to our Facebook Community group or sign up to our email list so you can get to know us a bit more before committing. We’d rather you felt comfortable.

What should I wear?

Whatever is comfortable. We don’t run fitness fashion shows (although we do love our pretty leggings). Leggings and a close fitting top are ideal for Pilates and a sports bra and good trainers are a must for Post Natal Fitness, PE class and Run Club. You won’t need trainers for Pilates but some people prefer to wear socks.

What should I bring?

Just you and perhaps a bottle of water. We have mats you can borrow to get started (we do ask participants to get/bring their own mats eventually since you’ll need one to practice with at home too) and all equipment is provided, like boxing gloves for PE class, cushions, bands and any equipment for Pilates.

How do I get started?

If you know you want to start but you’re stalling, pick a class, tell your relevant others that you intend to go to a class on that day at that time (and that you need their support in getting you there). Have clothes ready. Email us to say you are coming and then go. We understand sometimes the first class is the hardest but once you have closed your front door behind you, you have virtually made it! This is time for you and you absolutely deserve it.

If we didn’t answer your question, please email us at – we’d love to help.

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