How to run faster

Do you want to run faster and have fewer injuries? 

Are you struggling with persistent running injuries?
Would you like to know how to run faster without running more?

If so you'll love our running webinar:

How to run faster and stop getting injured in just 20 minutes a week.

  • Here's what you'll learn:
  • Why picking an 'off the shelf' running programme doesn't work for everyone.
  • How to use top level athlete protocols in your own running training.
  • About foot strike and increasing your power through the ground.
  • How to increase your 'running engine' power.
  • How to avoid common running injury pitfalls.
  • What clues your running injuries may be giving you - and how begin to fix them.

PLUS you'll get the best conditioning exercises to help your running technique and power.

Chris Laing is a top UK trainer and England athletics coach specialising in running. Chris will be sharing new running science from England athletics.

New studies have shown runners who engaged in a strength training programme every week compared to those who didn’t, ran 45 seconds faster and had 70% reduced injury risk. 

"I’ll be divulging years of research, coaching, insights and most importantly how athletes train compared to the average person who signs up to a marathon and downloads a typical training plan."

Webinar recording available £15 for non-members (free to members)

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