Super easy slow cooker ham

THIS is a speedy one. I’ve had more requests for easy, nutritious recipes. And I know a few of you (like me) love dinners you can just leave to do their thing in the slow cooker.

I made this on a Thursday, significant because we have an often stressful turnaround from getting Isaac back from my mum’s, dinner on the table and eaten, and me out of the house by 6.30 to go and teach Pilates. This meal was stress free and Isaac’s first ever ham eating experience (he’s never touched it before).


Get a piece of gammon (I used free-range smoked from the butcher but unsmoked is probably less salty). A £5 piece is enough for a good dinner and plenty for sandwiches and snacks the next day too.

Turn on the slow cooker and pop in an onion, quartered (no need to peel the sticky layers off), a cup of water, a couple of sprigs of fresh thyme (optional) and your gammon. Pop a couple of teaspoons of honey on the ham. Put the lid on and leave it for at least  5 hours or until it’s very soft when you press the meat.

Take out the meat and leave it to rest on a plate under some foil until you’re ready to eat.

I served it with sweet potato wedges (scrubbed, cut into wedges, drizzled with olive oil and cooked at 200/GM6 for 45 minutes), french beans and nanny’s apricot and tamarind chutney.

The great thing about the slow cooked ham is that it shreds rather than slices, which makes it easy for toddlers to eat.

(Sorry no pictures but we ate it all)!

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