Fit School: Ladies only training camps. Are you ready?

Fit School is looking for willing recruits who want to get in shape. Here’s how it’s going to work:


Fit School’s ladies only training camps. We don’t do bootcamps like you know bootcamps!


I’ve been getting lots of enquiries about bootcamps, the ‘guaranteed to beast you’ workout that’s taken over the outdoor fitness market. They are fun and can create a great post workout ‘endorphin’ high.

For the last 12 years in fitness, Karen and I have focused on results. From our knowledge, the results obtained from the majority of bootcamps aren’t in the same league as the results we have achieved. Especially if you’re only attending them just once a week. Of course there are some fantastic bootcamps out there which do deliver a fun experience and results. The main feature of these great bootcamps is multiple training sessions per week and a nutrition plan. But there are also lots of bootcamps which don’t.

We like to safeguard our results. That’s why Fit School won’t be offering a weekly bootcamp. Instead, we are starting our ladies only training camps. We are going to guide a group of ladies through a fitness experience which is shaped around what bootcamps were designed for: RESULTS! We can’t take on lots of people and we don’t want to run them every week throughout the year. Instead we will have three camps each year and they will be our premier product.

Bootcamps were originally designed for army recruits who were already fit. Therefore they  needed to be intense. However, people are now doing bootcamps who aren’t fit, at an intensity which probably isn’t ideal. Even more worrying is the number of women doing bootcamps to lose their baby weight. No pelvic floor exam and no inury screen. Now I’m not averse to an intense workout and in due time, you will probably experience some of these. However, I’m a big fan of buidling up your body and gradually building the intensity in a way that it can cope with. Think of this like a … School! Just like our name implies, we create a syllabus, not individual fitness sessions. So we want to take a group of ladies from the beginning, right the way up to a ‘bootcamp’ intensity.

We’ve already planned out some routes/hikes/treks which we will be taking you on. This isn’t going to be just a weekly exercise session. For this reason, we need to know if you are serious about getting into the best shape you have ever been in. That’s why we are going to run a free trial for six weeks.

With a free trial, we won’t have to pay any council fees for using public spaces (we’re a very above board business), so we can pass on this saving to you. If we have to use rooms or halls, there will only be the charge to cover the rooms. The prices we have been quoted are around £27 per hour, so if we need to use them, our volunteers just need to cover this. I hope we don’t need to use them, but it is a backup with all the bad weather we have been having.

We do like to support food banks, so all we ask is to make donation of your choice direct to the food bank in Harlow.

Also in return, all we need are video testimonals and some before and after pictures which we can use on our marketing information.

So if after reading all this, you feel that you can commit to two exercise sessions with us and two at home, and make nutritonal changes then send a brief e-mail to us at stating your reasons why you want a place.

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