Mindfulness Pilates Workshop

We had a lovely morning yesterday for our Mindfulness Pilates Workshop at Epping Golf Club.

It was a select few but the perfect size for a little time out and unwind.

We started with tea, coffee and a little chat before moving on to a very gentle Pilates class, focusing on the key moves within the moves. It was about going deeper into the moves rather than trying to increase complexity.

Sometimes going through the class likes this enables us to focus on how our body feels rather than on what we can or can’t do. A key part of mindfulness is being present in our bodies and connecting with them.

Obviously there was a fair amount of chatter since we all know each other well but each workshop has its own energy and feel and yesterday was about relaxing in each others’ company.

Given it was such a beautiful day we took the opportunity for a 20 minute walk in the fields. A little fresh air before midday does everyone some good in autumn.

Then it was back for lemon polenta cake and sticky gingerbread (all home made of course), more tea and coffee and then back to our even more chilled out class. Mindfulness doesn’t just have to be about being still, we can enjoy eating and drinking too.

We focused on mobility, stretching and finished off with some breathing focus. An opportunity to be mindful of our bodies and of our surroundings.

It was a lovely relaxing class. Thank you so much ladies. Especially for being so helpful with taking all my bits to the car and understanding of me being a little below par.

Our next workshop is our Christmas Wreath making and Pilates workshop on 3rd December.

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