9 Energy Boosting Diet Hacks

It’s September and for nost of our Fit School members that means back to school for the kids and back to routine.

Holiday and summer season is great but we can pop out the other side feeling slugglish and carrying on holiday habits, like increased alcohol consumption, grazing and foody treats!

If you want to get back on track great digestion, hydration and avoiding foods that tend to bloat or trigger fat storage around the tummy are the golden rules of tummy taming and energy boosting.

Whilst we aren’t the food police and we’d encourage healthy balance when it comes to your diet and lifestyle, if you want to get your energy levels back up and quit the holiday indulgences, here are our 9 best diet hacks:

1. Drink at least two litres of water a day.  Hydration prevents water retention and promotes good digestion. It’s also vital for cleansing! So grab your reusable bottle and make sure you get through at least 2 litres a day. You could replace some of that with caffeine free tea but skip fruit juice (see below).

2. Cut out all refined sugars, alcohol, fizzy drinks, fruit juice and dried fruit. Consuming these creates an insulin response in your body which will encourage fat stores around your tummy and can increase bloating. If you can’t go cold turkey, cut right back.

3. Leave at least four hours between meals and 12 overnight. Time your meals to ensure your body gets a break from digesting, this will also prevent you picking between meals. Time out between meals gives your hormones time to re-set so you’ll avoid the ups and downs associated with snacking. If you’re desperate for flavour have a herb tea.

4. Consume plenty of oily fish and oil rich foods like avocados. Do have nuts but with your meal. You might also consider a supplement. Oils are great for keeping your digestive system healthy and for making your skin, hair and nails glow.

5. Stick to lean meats and protein sources. Fatty meats can be harder to digest and given we’re all about energy, you don’t want slow to digest foods hanging around your gut.

6. Avoid known bloating foods. Fizzy drinks, beans, cabbage, leeks and pulses are fairly common ones but if you know others that affect you, then find alternatives.

7. Cut down on grains like rice, oats and wheat. Stick to a two dessert spoon serving (uncooked quantity) and find alternatives to conventional cereals.

8. Keep coffee and caffeine to the morning to ensure you avoid excess bloating and sleep well at night.

9. Fill up on colourful vegetables and fruits. Sweet potatoes, broccoli, swede, yams, strawberries, avocados and raspberries are all packed with nutrients and will give you a sweet hit when you need it.

And finally … get creative in the kitchen. Try new soups, stews or salads to keep you full and ward of snack temptation.

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