Ultimate Shape Up

Do you have a summer holiday or an event coming up that you want to lose a few pounds for?

Would you like to know exactly what to do to drop that last few pounds?

Are you sick of news headlines with their promise everything diets?

Would you like to be able to ignore diet headlines because you know what you need to do?

Would you like to know how to fit a shape up plan in with your family meal planning?

We want to help you do all of this.

We have created Fit School's Ultimate Shape Up Programme designed to help you drop fat without losing lean muscle.

But more than this, it's also a nutritional boost. So we've also included in the programme a nutritional plan that will make you feel amazing.

Think lean body with great hair, skin, nails and loads of energy.

Many calorie restricting diets also restrict nutrients but we want to turn that on it's head.

Chris is a sports nutritionist with years of experience helping clients transform their bodies from okay to top shape and confident with it. He'll be sharing his tips usually reserved for his private clients with Fit School's Ultimate Shape Up Group.

If this is for you, email our team on fitschoolessex@gmail.com.

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