Chris and Karen

Who are we?

Meet the Laing family

Why all of us?

Well we come as a package.

Chris and I met whilst working in a gym 18 years ago - and the rest, as they say, is history.

We set up Fit School in 2013 after getting frustrated with the traditional gym model. We watched people come in, pay their expensive membership, and learn very little.

Fit School was originally designed as a complete fitness programme, to include fitness, cardio, strength, mobility and holistic classes (Pilates).

Over 8 years in Epping we've grown to a thriving membership community based on trusted, evidence based advice. We don't do fads.

We know that what most people need, more than a bootcamp or anymore information, is a system that becomes a habit.

Our brains will always default to the easy option. Overwhelm our grey matter with too many choices or options and they'll choose to path of least resistance.

We've learned through experience how to override and re-train brains so we can start good habits. And that works from the most reluctant exerciser to someone trying to run a sub 3 hour marathon.

Above all though, our members love our approach because we're honest. Chris is Mr data. He'll tell you how it is. If I had my way I'd hold your hand and offer you cake and a hug. And there's a time and a place for that too.

So that's us. Or as one of our members described us, 'we're the faithful sofa of the fitness world.'

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