The Specialist at Your Side


The Specialist at Your Side is a 3-month, personalised programme of exercise for active older adults who need specialist exercise prescription, guidance on technique and confidence building.

Ideal for anyone who’s been recommended to do Pilates by a physical therapist or is recovering from injury/illness/surgery and wants to return to a regular programme of exercise.

Perhaps you need a little hand holding and a gentle but evidence based approach to building safe activity back into your life.

Maybe you're a bit nervous about joining classes because you need a bit more one to one help and you're worried about making your injury worse.

  • If your physiotherapist has recommended you do Pilates or resistance training to manage or recover from a joint or health condition.
  • If  you're recovering from an injury, surgery or illness and you need to re-work your workout schedule to get back to your happy, fit self.

By the end of the 3 months you’ll feel better, move better and feel more confident exercising.

    Helping people who are recovering from an injury or who want to know what to do to gradually get better, safely is what I love to do. I do this with Pilates but also with mobility exercises, resistance training and encouraging you to move in a way that works for you and for your lifestyle. As well as Pilates, I work with my husband and business partner, Chris who's a sports injury specialist to create client programmes.


    INITIAL CONSULTATION/GET TO KNOW YOU: We’ll arrange a one to one consultation. This can be in person (in your home) or online. 

    • We’ll work through any advice from your physiotherapist.
    • We’ll discuss current symptoms and how it affects you.
    • We’ll discuss previous exercise history, likes, dislikes and what exercise might work best for you.
    • We’ll perform a visual diagnosis (you’ll need to do some exercises) to assess your mobility, range of movement and body awareness. 

    BESPOKE MOBILITY PROGRAMME: After the consultation we’ll create a short mobility programme for you to do at home that will start to bring relief and prepare you for classes.

    WEEKLY PILATES/CONDITIONING CLASSES: Following the consultation you can start attending weekly classes. Your package includes 3 months of membership (worth £100) to access face to face or online classes and our on demand library of classes. Usually this will be Pilates but we’ll advise/discuss what’s going to be best for you.

    FORTNIGHTLY PRIVATE CONSULTATION: This is a 3-month programme. After your initial consultation we'll arrange 5 further one to one sessions to work through exercises, trouble-shoot ongoing issues and work on creating a sustainable exercise plan for you.

    HABIT TRACKING: Throughout the 3-months we'll set a habit tracker to encourage you to stay active and make positive lifestyle changes to keep you accountable.

    END OF COURSE ASSESSMENTS: At the end of the 3 months we’ll arrange a short consultation to assess your mobility and recovery. We'll work out an action plan for you going forwards to either maintain or continue your recovery.

    Pilates has really helped me in managing pain and discomfort … Through lockdown it was my one thing a week that I did for me and it was a saviour for my sanity on top of managing my back problem … I feel the benefit in getting my back moving and get a boost of positivity from you each week.

    £500 (or 3 payments of £167)


    It’s for you if:

    • You’ve been signed off or advised by your physiotherapist or medical team to start exercise again.
    • You know that movement and exercise is vital to your continued recovery or long term ‘pain free’ health.
    • You want specialist advice on movement and exercise for your condition with an expert and a bit of extra hand holding.

    It’s not for you if:

    • You are injured but you’re not sure what it is.
    • You want a drop in class because you’re not sure you can commit to regular exercise.
    • You want to do exactly what you did before you got injured.
    • Movement and exercise has never been a priority in your life.

    After regular classes with me people start to believe in their own bodies again. They have more confidence to move and plan fun activities again.


    But I only want to do classes

    You are welcome to just attend weekly classes but we’d recommend a little extra help if you have a specific health condition. Experiences of our existing clients who’ve come from a physical therapist referral consistently state that having a little extra private attention helps with quicker recovery and confidence.

    £500 (or 3 monthly payments of £167)

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