Post Natal Pilates & Strength Course Info

I’ve loved coming to your classes – you’re such a positive and calming anchor to the week! I feel much more confident exercising now that I’ve built a solid foundation under your guidance.  

We’ve all managed to build lovely friendships, and our weekly Pilates class has a big role to play in that!

Essential Course Information

Post Natal Pilates & Strength is a six-week course.

During each face to face session, I’ll guide you through Pilates basics and essential rehabilitation post pregnancy and birth.

It’s no problem if you haven’t done any Pilates before and even if you feel nervous, unfit or are joining me with specific issues or conditions, I’ll do my very best to make you feel comfortable.

Baby is welcome to join you but they don’t take part in the class. This is a class for you and whilst it’s convenient and social to bring babies along, I don’t feel comfortable using them as props! Let them be near you, feed them, change them or interact and please don’t worry if they’re just not having a good day! We all have days that don’t go our way.

Please bring a mat for you, comfortable clothing and a mat/blanket for baby too.

Each week, in addition to the face to face class I’ll share a recording of a class you can do as homework, in your own time. I’ll also share short courses that help with pelvic floor rehabilitation and leg strength and conditioning. There’s too much to squeeze into one 45 minute class with babies so I like to share homework too. Please don’t feel under pressure to get everything done but it’s there if you want to get the most out of the sessions.

If you want to get started with some pelvic floor and leg strength work, I’d recommend following along to this 4 part squat and pelvic floor sequence.

If you struggle getting motivated on your own, or need a more bespoke programme, you can book in for a private session with me. I also cross-refer with local physiotherapists and pelvic health physiotherapists for physio led rehabilitation programmes.

Book in for a private consultation with Karen here: Private Consultation

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