Get Your Body Back Class

How To Get Your Body Back After Pregnancy and Birth

C-section scars, pelvic floor problems, fat, back pain, low energy and mood swings are all common complaints post pregnancy and birth. But what can you do about them? What's normal and what's not?

Do you need Pilates or a bootcamp?
When can you start running again?
Why do you have fat in weird places?
Is peeing when you sneeze or jump normal?

When everything feels a bit out of control it can be tempting to find control somewhere by launching yourself into a fitness class - but did you know sometimes this can cause further problems?

And what if things don't feel quite right down below? Are you confident that you have the right advice?

Pre and post natal exercise expert and writer Karen Laing will help you with the challenges of your post natal body, offering you practical advice and tips based on over 12 years of experience, to help you find your body confidence again.

Read Karen's top 5 post natal blogs here and an interesting article on the pelvic floor, to squeeze or not to squeeze.

The class was held on the 18th August, 1-3pm at Brambles Children's Centre with bookings via the centre on 01992 575175. Due to the popularity, Karen will be hosting more in 2017.


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