Nutrition Online

Nutrition online was designed to help people tweak their journey to being fitter and leaner in the comfort of their own home. The programme is delivered remotely. You’ll receive cookbooks, podcasts and weekly tasks to get you to your goal. You’ll also be part of a closed group so you can share tips or ask questions.

Learn how to get in great shape with Nutrition online.

When looking at losing weight, nutrition is without a doubt integral to your success. We will teach you all you need to know about how to accelerate your weight loss through our nutrition coaching. We will also discuss advanced strategies which professionals use to get in shape for films etc. Losing weight is half the battle. Keeping it off can be the hardest part.

Learn how to boost your performance with Nutrition online.

In sport we are learning more about how nutrition aids performance, speeds up recovery and helps muscle growth. This is ever more important when you look at the ageing athlete or those who train more than three times per week. Supplementation is a minefield in today’s society people. You can buy any supplement from your high street or the internet and have no idea what is in it, or whether it is what you need. We can offer guidance about which supplements you should consider and provide research about how effective they are. Most people do not need supplements or have no idea about how to take them properly. Don’t make the same mistake.

Cutting Edge Techniques

DNA profiling is a fairly new area of nutritional research. Epigenetics and nutrigenetics are helping us know more about the individual variation that our diet can have on our body. One size does not fit all and for some people, they may perform better by restricting their carbohydrates and increasing their dietary fat. We now have a better idea than we did before about individual dietary prescription. DNA profiling enables Chris to have a clearer picture of how your body works, so your nutrition programme can be better tailored to your goal.

“I was sceptical at first and but I’ve been able to save clients time and money through DNA testing. I would only recommend this for people looking to take their nutritional knowledge and their results to the next level.”

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