Fit Camps Epping

Fit-School Fit Camps Epping, have been designed to get you back into great physical and emotional shape. Fit Camps look at all key aspects which will create success, it isnt just about the exercise and we’ll show you how.

If you are serious about becoming involved please get in touch via email on: or send us your email to book in your COMPLIMENTARY goal setting consultation with our Personal Trainer.

What you get from a Fit Camp:

  • You will be under our care, not just for the session, but while you are doing the programme. This ensures you have greater contact time, which delivers greater results.
  • You will need to commit to 2 x 45 minutes training sessions per week with your trainer at the outdoor location.
  • You will be given 2 extra homework sessions.
  • The training will involve intensive exercise, interval training, boxing, kettlebell, pilates to name a few.
  • You’ll get a full nutrition plan and guidance about how to implement it in your daily life. With the aim for you to gain an incentive to continue with the healthy eating programme after the Christmas period.
  • You’ll be able to quiz the trainer in our private Facebook group.
  • You’ll learn about some of the industry secrets about body transformations and celebrity training tips.
  • You’ll be able to detox your mind of all the fads and fallacies you’ve picked up over the years.
  • We will have a finishing assessment at the end including total fat lost, weight lost and inch loss.

To see our personal trainer separately, you would be paying over £1000, but our 2 month Fit Camp will cost you £240 for the 7 weeks. The Fit Camps are held in Epping, Essex


"Please could fit school offer a clothes alteration service? I've just spent all evening making dresses smaller!" [Sally, Fit Camp, Epping]

"I never thought I'd enjoy getting out in the park by 8am on a Saturday! But it's been brilliant! I have met a group of lovely ladies who like me have children and who are just as tired! Fit School has improved my lifestyle, nutrition and my overall fitness. I've signed up for race for life and i go running twice a week! Thank you so much." [Hayley, Fit Camp, Epping]

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