Fat Loss Circuits

We offer Fat Loss Circuits all year in Epping, Essex. 

The fat loss circuits offer a friendly small group with 1 to 1 attention, correction and progression to assist you in feeling confident with your body again.

CHECK OUT what one of our participants, Natalie thought of Fit School fat loss circuits after she completed her first course earlier this year. 

These classes are for new mums or those that just feel totally unfit and would like the guaidance to start an exercise and healthy eating program to get them back on track. The start date is August so if you're interested get on the waiting list by emailing - info@fit-school.co.uk and we'll come right back to you.

Weight loss tends to be the number one goal for people who start on a fitness regime. The problem we have seen over the years is people combine fads, unscientific methods and unrealistic expectations, which in most cases leads to frustration and poor results. Even worse, some lose weight, then they put more back on, which leads to the dreaded yo-yo dieting. Finally, losing weight is only part of the battle. Keeping it off is just as hard.

We've been helping people to lose weight for over 10 years and we've go pretty good at it. So we put together a 6 week programme to get people started on their weight loss journey. Our class takes you on a journey to get your body much fitter than you have been in years.

A fitter body helps support managing weight, not to mention getting you to enjoy exercise. We will coach you in the art of fat loss nutrition as opposed to dieting. Many people don't know how to analyse their own diet, so we do all that for you. We also show you how to keep track of it on your own. We not only work you hard during the course.

We teach and empower you to make better choices as statistics show, successful weight loss happens when people become educated and take responsibility for their own lives.

If you're interested in joining the Fat Loss Circuits email us on- info@fit-school.co.uk.

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