Children’s Athletic Camps

Childrens' Athletics Camps

Coach Chris Childrens' Athletics Camps at Ivy Chimneys Primary School


Have you got children between 7 and 11 who love to run or play sports?

Maybe your child is enthusiastic about sports but you’ve noticed they can’t throw/catch, look a bit uncoordinated or are losing confidence.

Would you like your child to learn to run, jump and throw all under the watchful eye of an England Athletics Coach, in a small group whilst having lots of fun?

If so you'll love our Children’s Athletics Camp with Coach Chris.

Here's what they’ll do:

  • We’ll look at preferred running distances and events and cover sprinting technique as well as endurance, focusing on some of the disciplines they’ll skim over at school.
  • Learn to throw. We'll use various objects from bean bags to balls and then turbo javelins. I aim to have every child learn a basic overarm throw by the end of the course.
  • Learn to jump and understand how to coordinate their body to perform a jump. We’ll learn the basics of the long jump.
  • For older children, we’ll separate out those who need challenging in different ways. Some may even be ready for event specifics such as 60m and 100m sprints.

We'd definitely recommend to sessions to other families. **** enjoyed meeting other children, working as a team and the best thing of all was learning how to throw a javelin.


Childrens' Athletics Camps

The overall goal is to learn transferrable skills your children can use in many sports. 

The course is run by Coach Chris, England Athletics coach with 20 years experience as a personal trainer and sports nutritionist specialising in sports injuries.

*In secondary schools, the gap between those who are engaged in sports and those who aren't gets wider. Athletic development is the base of all sports and with this you can achieve a much higher level as well as enjoying participating.

*There's a time to get serious about your sports training but for children under 13, it needs to be about fun, variety and basic skills.

The age groups will be 5-7 and 8-11 with homework so children can practice skills even if they can't make every session.

I'd definitely recommend it to others. Chris is great with the kids.


We ran our Athletics Camps last summer at Mark Hall Athletics Centre.

Every parent we asked said their children could immediately use the skills they'd learned at the camps in other sports they played.

A great opportunity for fresh air and to learn new skills.


How can you join in?

Sessions will be held over two days in February half term.

Years 5&6 9.30-12

Years 3&4 1.30-3.30

We'd recommend you join both days to get the most out of the sessions but single session registration is available.

Spaces are limited.


Children's Athletics Camps

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