Post Natal Pilates ON DEMAND

Post Natal Pilates ON DEMAND

A do at your own pace,* post natal Pilates course, packed with fixes for your post pregnancy and birth body, from pelvic floor worries to C-section niggles. 

This course includes all the classes from my fully booked six-week Pilates course to do at a time that suits you.

You’ll also get two short courses thrown in: my leg strength and conditioning course, which will help get you back to the exercise you love doing AND my super popular pelvic floor course, ‘More than a Kegel’ - which will take you from basic pelvic floor work to high impact ready for running.

Perfect if you want to join a course but you’re struggling with childcare or transport. Or if you're someone who's great at working through programmes or systems independently.

How does it work:

Click on the link below to buy the course.

Once we receive your order you’ll be sent an email with details on how to access the class recordings. 

You’ll also have the option to book an extra consultation with me to talk through any specific concerns or to check for abdominal separation. Yes, we can do this virtually.

There is no time frame for this course. I will however share a suggested weekly timetable for you. If you miss a week, just repeat the previous week and you’ll be back up to speed. 

  • There are 6, 45-60 minute Pilates classes that will take you from absolute beginner to a level that would enable you to join a mainstream Pilates class.
  • There's a leg strength and conditioning programme which is made up of 3, 10-15 minute programmes of exercise to progress you from how to squat to adding progressions, impact and extra weight. Perfect if you want to get back to running.
  • There's also 'More than a Kegel' which is made up of 4, 10-15 minute programmes of exercise to take you from a basic squeeze/let's find the pelvic floor to added jumping, hops and impact to get you ready for more intense exercise.

If it feels too tricky, keep going on the same week until you feel ready to progress.

As an extra bonus, once you buy the course you’ll get a free class pass to join one of two online Pilates classes during the week, perfect if you’re thinking about joining Pilates but you’re not sure if it’s for you.

All the classes are on demand so all you’ll need is a smart phone, laptop or iPad. A mat is ideal but carpet or a rug is fine AND because it’s all on demand you don’t even need fancy gym gear. Your sicked on pyjamas and nursing bra are fine!

*Course materials will be available to you for six months after purchase date.

It’s a brand new course, so if you want to be one of the first people to test it, it’s £47 until end of October.

Thanks to you for help bringing myself back.
I truly appreciate the encouragement.


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