We know post pregnancy bodies


We understand post pregnancy belly frustration and we know that post natal exercises aren't necessarily the ones you think you should be doing.

We know that a post pregnancy body after second baby is very different to a post pregnancy body after first baby.

And we know that being a new mum is one of the toughest jobs around and can be completely overwhelming.

Forceps, quick births, C-sections and episiotomies can also all take their toll on your body but so can your posture, your job during pregnancy and your level of fitness. All of these things are important when it comes to designing your best ‘exercise after birth’ programme.

Bodies that don’t get the right kind of exercise after pregnancy don’t just magically get better.

We know this because we teach women from children all the way through to 60+. Women who had their babies a long time ago and are now grannies. Those hips, bellies, tummies and back pain don't just magically disappear with a few crunches.

If you're thinking about a personal trainer or throwing yourself into a gym programme, we'd urge you first to sign up to one of our Fit School classes. It's like group personal training with post natal fitness expertise at your fingertips. Plus with both of our post pregnancy classes, babies are welcome too.

So which post natal fitness class is right for you? We’ve got a handy guide: 

Post Natal Pilates

  • Class held inside. Babies get a chance to be sociable.
  • Easy to feed baby.
  • Small classes (maximum 8) with plenty of one to one attention. Group personal training.
  • Focus on pelvic floor rehabilitation, pelvis/lower back alignment, healing and understanding abdominal separation.
  • Gentle exercise progression tailored to post natal bodies.
  • Takes you from post pregnancy and birth body to body ready for regular Pilates sessions.

Buggy Workout

  • Class is outside. Babies like to look around and/or sleep.
  • Combination of strength, fitness and conditioning.
  • Great way to get back into exercise after birth - no pressure to do everything (or anything).
  • Exercise outside.
  • Get an endorphin rush from your training.
  • Suitable for all levels of fitness.
  • Read more about the Buggy Workout here.

What About Both Classes Together?

Great way to get out of the house with Baby

Babies can come too (no need for a babysitter).

Feel like your winning at being a mum for a day! 

Testimonials for Post Natal Pilates in Epping

'I've enjoyed the post natal course so much, thank you. I think you should be cloned and prescribed on the NHS for all new mums.'  Nina

‘If I can tell you one thing, do Karen’s post natal Pilates class. It was what made me feel like me again.’  Michelle

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