Pilates Classes

All class times are available on our online timetable.


How about Fit School in Your Office?

Fit School currently has Pilates classes and yoga classes running in Canary Wharf and the city, London. You just need meeting room space and someone to help organise numbers and we'll do the rest.

Thinking about Private Pilates?

If you'd rather go solo or arrange a small group, or you have any questions do get in touch at info@fit-school.co.uk



Pilates might actually change your life.

It's a big claim for an exercise class but it's not just about the class, it's about learning to look after your body.

After the first few classes you will notice how much more free your body feels.

After four-five weeks you'll notice you feel stronger and your body will start to move differently.

After six-eight weeks you'll be hooked!

It can be relaxing. It can be challenging. And it can be fun!

Join Karen for Pilates Classes in Epping, London or your office. The most sociable, user friendly classes around.

"Karen is one of the most outstanding instructors I know. Her passion and enthusiasm for Pilates Classes and fitness means that her teaching is of the highest standard. Karen's positive support and caring personality has helped so many new mums to get back into shape. I highly recommend Karen's classes!" [Joanne Cobbe - J Pilates.] 

"I think your genuine passion for your specialism shines through and your enthusiasm to encourage (rather than berate/shame) us to be a little better is refreshing and realistic." [Sharon, Epping Pilates Classes.]

Karen is recommended by both Epping Physiotherapy and St Margaret's Physiotherapy teams as well as London Women's Health Physiotherapist Melissa Millman.

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