Morning Mocktails

Morning Mocktails

Sunday morning meet up for new and expectant families in and around Epping.

It’s time for my winter warmer. Morning Mocktails is happening on Sunday 26th February. 10am-12pm.

It’s a free event I’m putting on in partnership with the lovely team at Hammond and Smith, Epping who are gifting me their space on the High Street for the morning.

I’ve got a new EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW about the event guide here:

What to expect at Morning Mocktails

I know when you have a new baby or are new to the area, it can be lonely. It’s great to be able to meet up with people you’ve met in pregnancy Pilates or post natal classes, just have a chat, check-in and feel like a human being. 

There will be coffee and nibbles. I’ll be inviting a few of my local friends in the pre and post natal space too since they’re great for advice and we like to collaborate and support each other.

Dads and partners very welcome. It can be lonely for them too. Mr Fit School (my husband Chris) will be on hand on the day.

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I’m Karen, and I’m a Pilates instructor

Over the last 18 years, I’ve taught Pilates to hundreds of people across London and Essex, many of my participants have been with me for years and frequently say things like:

  • I suddenly noticed my back pain had gone
  • I had the labour and birth I wanted because of the work I'd done with you
  • I've done Pilates before but no instructor has explained it like you do
  • I've tried and stopped exercise before but you've enabled me to stick to it for the first time
  • I've recovered really well after my C-section, I'm sure this is due to all our Pilates
  • I love my weekly sessions with you. It's an escape from everything else

When I meet new participants I like to find out exactly what it is they're coming to classes for.

Then I plan each class with my individual participants' needs in mind to get them to a place where their bodies can move better and they feel stronger.

As well as my pre and post natal classes I teach 8 other classes during the week including a class specialised for active ageing.

How to join

This is a free event but we'd love to have some idea on numbers to expect.

If you know you're coming please pop your email over to us by clicking the button below.

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