Fit School Online

On Demand and Live Fitness and Pilates

  • Short sessions to fit in with you.
  • Tailored session to fit in with your goals.
  • Live classes for connection, routine, feedback and community.

You can try out our live classes for as little as £27.50 per month for two classes a week.

Not sure? We have a 14-day trial so you can try our pre-recorded classes.

Over 2 weeks we'll send you live class recordings as well as some of our shorter, pre-recorded classes and some gentle encouragement to get you more active. It's the perfect way to dip your toe into our classes and get a feel for how we teach and what goes on in our Fit School Community.

Our 'Shift the Needle' approach to fitness is all about small steps. So if you find one short class that you enjoy and can do EVEN if you don't do any of the rest, well that's a great start.

I came to Fit School for pre natal Pilates two years ago and have kept going, through post natal Pilates and mummy fitness to general pilates classes and now PT with Chris. It’s the best sort of exercise - learning about how the body works, keeping fit and strong and meeting like-minded people. Classes are really fun, informative and sociable, on and offline, and the sense of community Chris and Karen have created is fantastic. I couldn’t recommend Fit School more highly - come and get involved! 

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