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What is Fit School Run Club in Epping?

  • Run Club isn't a group that meets up weekly and goes for a long run with a trainer.
  • Run Club isn't only for people who can already run specific distances.
  • Run Club isn't the type of club that expects to enter events for the team or force you to compete.

Fit School's Run Club is for anyone who wants to make running part of their fitness routine. Our group consists of a variety of experience levels, abilities and ages. In fact Coach Chris is especially proud of how homogenous the group is, whilst ensuring everyone gets a challenge. 

We help 'non-runners' become runners.

We coach short distance runners towards their first half or full marathon.

We also sometimes advise people to stop running and see a physio so they don't get seriously injured!

These aren't classes where you just turn up and all run a certain distance, you can expect drills and exercises specific to your goals and needs.

We want our members to:

  • Understand their heart rate and pace in order that they can keep running, without stopping (often a barrier);
  • Understand what to stretch/mobilise before and after a session to minimize injury;
  • Know what strength and conditioning exercises to do as a minimum to avoid niggly injuries; and
  • Understand how to progress in terms of volume/distance to avoid injury

The Run Club - £27.50 per month membership fee, Saturday, 8am in Epping, Essex.

Trail run - £11. Free if paying monthly membership. Last Saturday of the month.

Don’t do this before your running event.

Coach Chris has a top tip for all marathon runners.

Run Club Testimonial

I didn't get the point of running. Why run when I could just walk? And when I did try, it was hard. I didn't like doing hard things that I wasn't very good it.

Then in August, after losing some body fat with Fit School, I decided it was time to challenge my cardio fitness, which was still relatively poor. To do this most effectively, I'd need to do some running so I started the NHS Couch to 5k podcasts and lurched, grumbled and stumbled my way around Epping for several weeks. Everything hurt, my heart rate felt too high, my legs were sore, I kept getting a stitch and I didn't seem to be making much headway.

Then I started the Saturday morning running class at Fit School - a revelation!! Each week, a small group of us meet with Chris and run through (a running pun!!) techniques, exercises and routines to improve our running. Here are some of the things I've learned so far- how to warm up/cool down properly, how to land on my feet without injury, how to protect my knees, how to run more effectively, how to move from jogging to sprinting, how to sprint up a hill (yes, a hill), how to adapt my running style for different conditions or terrain. And as it's a small group, Chris could help me to analyse and improve my individual running stride, running posture and tempo until I was actually able to run a 5k without feeling like I might expire.

I went from someone who literally opted to miss a train to Wales rather than break into a brief platform-dash at Paddington station to someone who ran 39km in January, for fun, mostly at 6am before work and LOVED IT. The Saturday Fit School running classes gave me the confidence and the techniques I needed to literally go from my couch, to 5k twice a week. I've just signed up for my first race in July with the Fit School team to raise funds for Cancer Research - hope to see you there!

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