Race for Life

Fancy Race for Life? We are already registered for Race for Life. The Fit School team will be participating on the 13th July, 7pm at the North Weald event.

Please do sign up and join our team.

If you would also like to access the FREE Beginners Guide to Running, just sign up below and we'll get you started on your journey.

Fit School partner with local Breast Cancer Care team – 19th May release

Fit School’s Karen spoke at this event hosted by the Breast Cancer Care team at St Margaret’s Hospital on 19th May. The event, held at Epping Hall was open to all women who have been through breast cancer and will feature specialists in the field. The event is about promoting regular exercise which has been proven to help prevent recurrence of the disease.

Breast Cancer Care partnership

“Thank you for you very inspirational and motivational talk this morning – so many women felt inspired by the contents of your talk” Caroline Baya Macmillan Specialist Breast Care Nurse."

“Thank you for your charismatic and inspiring talk” Ruth McCrea Lead Breast Cancer Research Sister (Breast Unit)."


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