Fit School Online PIlates and Fitness

Fit School Pilates Online

It's here! Fit School Pilates from wherever you are whenever you need it.

We're upgrading our online classes by going LIVE and online.

Every week at 1.30pm there's an online Pilates class.

There's also a weekly hangout at 8pm on a Tuesday evening where you can come, ask questions and virtually hangout with the rest of the Fit School community.

How much is it?

It's £11 per month OR £25 for a 2 month trial.



Online Pilates

I want to be a Fit School Online Member: £11 *

Sign me up: £25 two month trial

Pay per class (available in April/May) £5 - just click on the Thursday class to register.

Not quite ready to commit? Join our (non SPAMMY) mailing list here: Fit School nice list

*£11 monthly payment, 3 full months minimum period.

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