The Christmas Party Club

The Christmas Party Club

Fitmas is back! 

Do you ever arrive at Christmas day feeling ill and exhausted? Or perhaps you put off all your good intentions until January, handing December over to Christmas plays, parties and bubbles.

We love Christmas but like you, it can be a bit overwhelming and our usual habits can get a bit lost. So we are committing to a two week blast of increased activity, regular resistance and cardio based circuits and a whole bunch of nutritional goodness - because sometimes we need reminding too.

We would love it if you could join us.

We want to help you feel fit, strong and happy in December - with a rock solid immune system and a happy tummy!

Join Karen and Chris for a 12 day, pre-Christmas blast of exercise, activity and nutrition to get you through to the Christmas season.

Following on from the Fit School Hub we're keeping it short, snappy and to the point. 

Here's what you'll get:

  • 7 nutrition #knowledgenuggets to help you know what to eat, when and how;
  • 4 exercise circuits you can do at home including resistance, HIIT and Pilates;
  • Recipes for breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinner to make it easy for you to plan ahead, eat on the go or sit and digest;
  • And of course recommendations on ways to increase activity levels without noticing.

Cost £15 before midnight on 23rd November (25% off for FS members). 

BOOKING NOW OPEN. Spaces Limited.

Starts Monday 26th November

The Christmas Party Club

26th November

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