Anti Ageing Pilates

What is Anti Ageing Pilates? 

This class is specifically designed for needs of older joints and bodies (55+) in Epping.

It's all about keeping you active and feeling young. 

Whilst all Karen's Pilates classes aim to challenge, the Anti Ageing Pilates class takes into account various medical conditions commonly associated with ageing, like osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, post menopause complications and nervous system conditions.

Pilates is a brilliant form of exercise but as we age, it’s important to adapt exercises and focus on what’s really important for an older body.

Lots of evidence now suggests it’s stiffness not weakness which contributes to back or joint pain. If you have a niggle or perhaps want to be more active for your grandchildren, you have to keep moving.

Exercise isn’t just about how you look. It can increase your energy levels; has been proven to help mental illness; is recommended after cancer treatment and can help prevent secondary cancers; and can help with joint mobility, pain management and conditions like osteoporosis.

Anti Ageing Pilates: Why Age is No Barrier to Pilates

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