Are you ready to join our September challenge?

We’re challenging you to revive body and mind with daily green activity throughout September.

30 days. 30 minutes (you’ve heard that before). But make it green.

Green as in environmentally friendly and/or outside in nature.

Rain or shine, we want you get fresh with your activity to transform you from post summer holiday sluggish to end of September zingy!

The only rules are: 30 minutes of heart raising activity every day, outside and/or environmentally friendly.

We know exercising outside is great for both mental and physical health so get out in nature.

You could run, walk, cycle or take a class outside.

Or you could get a little creative:

  • Try plogging (litter picking whilst running/walking).
  • Help out at an allotment or do some heavy duty gardening (hard pruning anyone?).
  • Try seed bombing.
  • Set yourself an eco challenge. 

How about swapping a regular, short car trip for a walk or leaving the car at home and going by bike? Yes, even your drives to the gym. Scrap that for September. 

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