How to do Pilates when you’ve got period or tummy pain

How to do Pilates when you’ve got period or tummy pain

When you have Adenomyosis/Endometriosis it can make Pilates uncomfortable and difficult. Whenever your tummy is inflamed or swollen, either from period related pain or excess abdominal fat, your abdominal muscles will be stretched/distended. If Pilates is your go to, it can be frustrating that it doesn’t feel good when you’ve got a sore tummy. The distension can cause work to go into your lower back too, which is the last thing you want when your tummy already hurts.

Having taught Pilates for over 18 years, I’ve learned some easy ways to modify moves using household items like towels or cushions. I’ve also recently been diagnosed with Adenomyosis so I know all about tummy issues from period pain and IBS.

We know that Pilates make us feel better, mentally and physically. Stress or anxiety can make symptoms worse, so we need a way to do the class we love, to look after our mental health. I’ve shared my go to adaptations to help make Pilates more comfortable but still effective, even when your tummy is swollen.

Of course if you’re struggling with excessive bleeding or have noticed a change in your poos please do seek medical advice. My advice is simply intended to help you find more comfortable ways to do Pilates when you have a sore tum and you know what the cause is! If you found this useful or have any questions please do get in touch at for my 5 day, 10 minute Pilates course to get you Pilates confident visit:

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