Frequently asked questions about prenatal Pilates with Karen

If you’re new to Pilates with me, new to the area or new to pregnancy, you may have a lot of questions. It’s completely understandable. So I’ve taken all the frequently asked questions and popped them below.

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Do I need to have done Pilates before? 

No. Prenatal Pilates is very different to a normal Pilates class. I take modified Pilates moves to create a class that’s designed for your changing body and that’s safe for pregnancy. So we do mobility, strength, pelvic floor work and Pilates. Since the exercises all look new, regardless of previous Pilates experience, I’ll coach you through them all.

Is it okay for me if I’ve had a miscarriage?

Yes, but I can understand why you might feel anxious about getting started. Do check with your health care provider (GP, midwife or consultant). You may feel happier talking through the circumstances of your miscarriage and getting their okay to start exercising. Always be led by your health care professional. If they’re happy, you can feel confident to start exercising just as you would for any pregnancy. You may find this article I wrote helpful:

Afraid to exercise after losing a baby

When can I get started?

Anytime. The guidelines from the royal college of obstetricians and gynaecologists (RCOG) state you can continue with any exercise you were doing before pregnancy during the first trimester. If you’re at all unsure then wait until after your first scan. I’ve had women start as soon as 8 weeks and as late as 36 weeks.

When do most people usually start Pilates?

From experience most women start between 14 and 20 weeks of pregnancy, when they start to feel better and when their regular exercise programme starts to feel uncomfortable.

Is it in person or online?

I teach classes both in person and online. My weekly classes are taught in person at the United Reformed Church in Epping but I live stream them too, so you can join from anywhere. During some school holidays classes are online only. I also have a library of pre recorded on demand classes, which members can access at anytime.

Can I do normal Pilates during pregnancy?

You can do some normal Pilates during pregnancy but I’d only advise it if you’re a regular. You’ll end up doing a Pilates class with a lot of modifications. The difference between modified Pilates and a pregnancy Pilates class is that the latter is specifically designed for pregnancy. A normal Pilates class is not. There are also certain balances such as standing on one leg that are not recommended during pregnancy. In short, if you can find yourself a prenatal class it’ll be much more beneficial.

Do I need to bring anything with me?

Not much. Yourself. A mat. Maybe some socks and a jumper if you get chilly. I’d also recommend a towel or small cushion but it’s not essential. You may want to bring a bottle of water along too.

If I can’t make a week can I catch up?

Yes, if you’re a Bronze Member. We have plenty of pre-recorded classes in our On Demand library to choose from.

How does the membership payment work?

There are two ways to join in prenatal Pilates classes. You can either get a trial month with us (£35) which gives you access to your one class every week. Full bronze membership is £31.50 per month which gives you access to classes and our on demand library. It’s a monthly payment which we’ll put on hold for you for the week after your due date, or if you let us know of any complications.

What if I need to end my membership?

If you choose to stop before this time we ask for 1 month’s notice of cancellation.

For details on Karen’s ante natal classes visit: Pilates for Pregnancy


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