Fit School’s Last Minute Fitness Christmas Gift Guide

Last minute fitness christmas gift guide fit school essex epping fitness pilates

Ho ho ho! It’s that time of year when our Fit School community are running to the shops to buy their last minute Christmas gifts. But who is shopping for them?

If you are fit (or would like to be) or a fan of yoga, Pilates or another such wellbeing type of a classumythingy – we have some brilliant ideas for what we’d love this Christmas (hint hint)!

Check it out and do add to it in the comments if there’s something we’ve missed. Or, if you’re looking for an alternative, spend free Christmas gift guide, check out our 7 free fitness Christmas gifts here (warning – this one is a bit schmultzy).

  1. Leggings (what else is there?). We simply can’t ever have enough legwear in our drawers. It could be a functional winter weight pair, merino baselayers, or perhaps these snuggly merino comfy pants from Sweaty Betty. You might want to get your summer crops in early. We love these snake-print delights from Dharmabums, currently at the bargain price of £20 (amazing). And of course our friend at Yogaleggs. We can’t love these tiger print numbers any more!
  2. A weatherproof running jacket. Functional but stylish. Does such a thing exist? If you’ve been out running for an hour in January rain, suddenly style is less important than breathable, yet waterproof fabric and taped seams! This one from Under Armour is our favourite although Wiggle have a fantastic range, especially if cycling is more your thing.
  3. A cap/running hat. There are three sports hats you need in your life: The cap, for rainy or sunny days. The beanie or cold weather hat which you can wear for running or pop on under your cycling helmet. And then there’s the ear warmer – ideally one that covers your ear buds and holds them in whilst you train. We love Nike for all things head wear and accessory.
  4. One of those belts you can hold everything in! 
  5. A reusable coffee cup. Our favourites are Chilly’s (non spill), Bodum (great on the go and keeps drinks really hot) and Bru (pictured – smaller and great for drinking on the go – plus comes in rose gold). 
  6. A reusable water bottle. Again, Chilly’s is up there for ease of use and keeping drinks cold. Well worth the investment.
  7. A lovely new mat. We still love the thickness of PilatesMad mats. Although you can get some pretty bamboo ones now too. 
  8. A voucher for classes. We would love to welcome newcomers or just have a little more of you. Our class vouchers are on sale on our website store as are tickets for the Big Fit Day Out.
  9. A slow cooker. Where would we be without our slow cooker. Unless you’re a vegetarian (in which case they’re probably not ideal) we’d recommend investing in a slow cooker. 
  10. Cashmere socks – because who doesn’t love them?
  11. A snuggly, post run jumper. We LOVE Yogaleggs new range of sweatshirts.
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