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We love our group Pilates, fitness and running club at Fit School but there are occasions where individuals benefit from personal trainer attention. This could be a program specific to their needs or one to one coaching with either Chris or Karen. Gone are the days when personal training meant committing to weekly sessions or having a shouty person dangle a carrot at you in the local park.

When we set up Fit School, we saw a need for local fitness classes with personal attention. We’d had first hand experience of the traditional gym model, where you pay your money and become invisible in the back of a class. We wanted to offer classes which were effective, progressive and educational whilst creating a community of like minded individuals.

In addition to our classes, we both still do private work. It’s rewarding to watch our clients progress – especially when they are clients who work at the programmes between sessions. It can also be the difference between sticking with a class or drifting off, because perhaps there was something you really wanted to achieve but just weren’t getting in a group setting.

Of course private coaching isn’t for everyone. Aside from the cost, there’s getting to sessions; and committing to homework. And not everyone needs personal training. You might need a consultation or a programme.

Here are our top 8 reasons why you might want to consider the personal touch:

1. You have an injury/health condition

When it comes to injuries or health conditions, we’d always recommend at least a short course of private sessions (we offer three as a minimum) to ensure you know how to modify exercises. It will give you more confidence in class. It will ensure we know how to help you best. It will also minimise your risk of injury or affecting recovery. In a private setting we can work with your medical professional (eg: your physiotherapist). We can also create a bespoke program of exercises for your needs. This might be a 10 minute a day mobility programme or it could be a longer term training program to get you back to health or further on in your fitness goals.

2. You are new to Pilates or training

If you are new to Pilates and can’t get to a beginner’s class, a short course of private sessions can make a massive difference to your enjoyment and success when it comes to getting the benefits of training, especially Pilates. If you are a little uncoordinated or new to exercise, private sessions alongside classes will give you the opportunity to ask questions and have a personalised programme.

3. You have a specific fitness goal or event

Let’s say you are training for the marathon and you’ve never run that distance before. Having the security of your own coach can make all the difference between success and failure. And this isn’t just about times or completing the event, a trainer can help you get to the start line injury free, which is half the battle with endurance training. We recommend our marathon runners start with run club and then progress to the occasional private session to go through specific goals and training plans. We’re not going to run with you but we will be with you for every step of the event and the run up to it. The same is true if you want to get stronger. We can create personal programmes and guide you through technique to ensure you are safely getting stronger without compromising the rest of your training.

4. You are really nervous or anxious.

For some people, that first class is a massive barrier. We understand that. That’s why we set up small group workshops and events and local community events like walks to enable people to just say hello. Having a short course of private sessions can help overcome those barriers by giving you the confidence that you know what you are doing. Although as someone recently said to me of Pilates, ‘if I’d known I would never see what anyone else was doing in Pilates because I’m always so focused in class or have my head between my legs I’d have started much sooner.’

5. You’re struggling with something

Perhaps you’ve been coming to class for a while and you’re really struggling with a specific aspect of your training. Or perhaps every time you start increasing your running distance you get the same niggle back. You might not need a regularly weekly commitment to a trainer, you might just need one session to help you make a breakthrough.

6. You’ve stopped getting results from your training.

If you are a fitness devotee but something has stopped working, you might need expertise to move to the next level. From fat loss to running pace, check in with a trainer. It doesn’t mean you’ll be forking out for months, it could be as simple as getting a bespoke programme written and a few Skype chats to get you on your way.

7. You want help with a fitness program.

If your child was struggling with maths, you’d probably call in a tutor or ask for recommendations from an expert on books to work through. The same is true in fitness. If you want help mapping out your fitness programme for the next few months or a year, call in an expert. This is where Chris is particularly strong. A recent client has dropped his marathon time over 30 minutes in the past year, down to 3 hours and 4 minutes through working with Chris online and following a bespoke programme. Of course he has worked hard but he’s been able to trust the programme.

8. You struggle to get to classes regularly.

This is the last resort of reasons to get private training but still a valid one. If you have to skip classes due to work, it’s worth having a bank of private sessions to use in the weeks you need to fit it in with your schedule. Or perhaps you’d like to train with your partner or friends at a time that suits you, sometimes private classes in small groups are the nicest way to get fit together.


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