So This is Christmas. And What Have We Done?

It’s time for a little 2016 retrospective. Just what has the Fit School team achieved in 2016, in numbers?

1 charity marathon fitness day (Gina Morris’ next one is scheduled for 4th February, all welcome).

1 online Pilates programme – released in July.

1 article in the Guardian.

1 column for Fitpro magazine.

1 presentation at the Fitpro LIVE convention.

1 talk at the Women in Fitness Empowerment conference.

1 presentation to the women of the Women’s Institute (obligatory cup of tea and jam ring also consumed).

1 interview for the Telegraph.

4 renditions of the Last Post and Reveille (technically not Fit School but still putting it on here).

5 articles for the Huffington Post.

1 article for Babycentre.

1 Dance workshop with Sam Golle.

2 amazing spa days at Lifehouse Spa.

1 Men’s mobility workshop … grrr … and a few PBs set afterwards.

4 Pilates workshops.

1 Weights at Home workshop.

1 Buggy Workout class started and established.

23 Fit School babies born including two sets of twins (24th due any day).

1 Anti Ageing class started.

£300 raised for Cancer Research through Knitting Nanny’s legwarmers.

1 warm up at Race for Life completed.

2 daytime Pilates classes started.

1 class in a barn started (first time teaching with bats, swallows and a dragon boat) and I’m relieved to say now moved to somewhere warmer!

We know that our members have achieved some pretty amazing things too. From first 5ks to first half marathons and even a near death experience  at the Alpe d’Huez long course triathlon for our resident triathlete. Some of our members have started cooking from scratch on a regular basis, with more confidence, and during our pre Christmas shape up, kilos have been shed. Yes – even in December!

But we notice the little things too:

  • How one participant showed off her new balancing skills at the opticians.
  • How participants who were once nervous or saw Pilates as a chore, now love it and are becoming the confident ones who tell everyone about it.
  • How new friendships are formed.
  • How new mums appreciate the space with other new mums to get reassurance or just get out!
  • How existing participants get new inspiration and suddenly start taking on the harder options and ask more questions.

We love all of these things too!

And what for 2017?

Well of course there’s the big pregnancy book, more workshops, more spa days and more men’s mobility workshops (grr) – there are also plans for a rustic weekend away for some Pilates, walking and possibly feasting too. There’s the small matter of a triathlon that a few of us have signed up for and of course a few half marathons and marathons on the cards – plus a few of you have been promising to make next year the year you confidently become a runner. Expect more from the anti aging and women’s bits camps and some new, international partnerships. And there’s the small matter of some more Fit School broadcasts to get out there too from Facebook Live to Podcasts.

So 2016, you’ve been amazing. Challenging at times but amazing. But 2017 – we’re ready for you – a new year is about to begin.

Get your diaries ready. The next update will have all the dates for 2017.

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