The Ultimate Fitness Christmas Gift Guide

This fitness gift guide could best be described as a festive favour. I’ve polled our members, searched online, researched and shopped and have come up with the ultimate gift list guide for a fit 2017.

Print this out and put a star against the ones you want or just share it with your family for some Christmas gifting inspiration.

Running Undies. Go thong, go big Bridgets or go naked (well it is Christmas). What you wear under your leggings can make or break your workout mojo. We absolutely love the completely seamless Runderwear which comes in cover all or thong options. They are technical and especially designed for running. For something seam free for Pilates or yoga, you can’t beat Sloggi microfibre shorts (just don’t try the little ones for any form of exercise or you’ll get a cheese wire effect – trust me). Sloggis are available from La Redoute who have a massive 40% off everything tomorrow (code: BLACKFRIDAY). Oiselle in the US also have a cute range of Rundies or Randies depending on your ‘mood du jour’!

A decent media/phone holder. Having battled for years popping my phone into a run vest with a big zip pocket at the bottom (and in so doing looking like I’m running with a battery pack on my bum) – I would really love one of these from Santa. This Nike one is bright, reflective and a snug fit. Sweaty Betty have a good option which has a space for a key too but it has mixed reviews and doesn’t yet fit an iPhone 6, although they do have 20% off everything until Monday. Belkin do a more technical range which you can order via Tesco Direct .

Bluetooth headphones. I had no idea I needed these in my life until one of our Fit School run club members mentioned it. Oh my! Could these end the earbuds falling out or cord getting caught woes forever? Since I have no idea about these sorts of things, I’ve instead found a fabulous review site which can do the job for me. But if the man in your life is anything like mine, choosing a technical gift is far more appealing than a pretty one so this could be a win win stocking filler all round. 

A high visibility vest. Whilst a fluorescent vest might not be Chanel Chic, it will keep you safe on your winter runs. If you don’t want to go the whole hog, The Safety Supply Company do a great range of bands and braces – and they aren’t all pink! The vest is also available on Amazon, great if you’re a Prime member. Provizsports is worth checking out too.

Socks! Yes even fit ladies love a sock gift for Christmas but make them compression, Pilates appropriate or just plain luxe. For running compression socks it has to be these gorgeous striped affairs by 2XU, or for more of a trainer liner, you can get these triathlon ready socks from Feetures. Both are available from Fitness Box who have offered Fit School customers a 20% discount until Monday with the code FITSCHOOL20. For luxe I’m ever so slightly in love with Sweaty Betty’s Icelandic Slipper Socks and also with the recently discovered Tavi Noir Cashmere Grip Socks, perfect for Pilates AND luxe too. Could these be the end of my ice block feet forever?

A slow cooker (and recipe book). Yes, girls love grown up gifts too. I confess to not being able to live without my slow cooker in the autumn. From ham to sausage casserole, kleftiko lamb or chicken curry, your slow cooker permits you to experience ‘Slow Cooker Smugness’. A feeling when, having prepared your dinner in the morning, you can spend all day in the smug knowledge that dinner is already ready. Just don’t forget to switch it on. As for brands, I’ve had as much success from a basic Tesco one as I have from a fancy shmancy version – it’s what goes in it that counts. Argos have a few deals on their Crockpots at the moment. 

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An online Pilates programme. Oh yes folks. Don’t forget that you can still buy the Fit School online Pilates programme. Available for £19 from all good Fit School online shops (there is only one). Experience nearly two hours of your favourite Pilates instructor in the comfort of your own home.

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A facial or spa treatment and all necessary child care arrangements guaranteed in advance.

A great book. Our fitness or nutrition favourites for this year have been Running Like a Girl (Alexandra Heminsley), This Mum Runs (Jo Pavey), Gut (Giulia Enders) and The Immune System Recovery Plan (Susan Blum).

Leggings. We are still in love with Dharmabums, my favourite Pilates leggings ever which are both ethical and functional. They now have an online UK store too and have 20% off lots of items on Black Friday. YogaLeggs are also fabulous and do a range of vest and tops too, great if you want to support local business (they are based in Epping). YogaLeggs are offering 25% on Black Friday with the code blackfri16.

Running/cycling gloves (not to mention school run gloves). A bit of grip, breathability and added reflection for night runners is all that’s required here. My top pick would have to be these egloves which have the added benefit of touch screen finger tips too! No more grappling to check your workout statistics or take a picture en route.

Fitbit or fitness tracker. Of course top of the list when it comes to gadgetry is a Garmin or a Fitbit. Whilst Garmins really are the Kings of fitness tracking, Fitbits come a close second. The basic Fitbit is currently available at Currys for £39.99 too although never one for ‘basic’ the Alta is the one to covet. Whilst there are no offers in sight, John Lewis have promised to price match but are sitting tight on what’s included as I write this.

Running belt. The newest belts on the block are sleek, waterproof affairs that you can put everything in. A sort of extension of your running tights! Kangarun do a great one which also promises to be waterproof. All you have to do is choose which colour.

Water bottle. If you want to skip the plastic, I’d thoroughly recommend a steel bottle. I met Tobias Gould of Jerry Bottle at a business event earlier this year. Jerry Bottle is a social enterprise project with 100% of profits going to fund water projects in developing countries. The bottle is fantastic too.

Stocking Fillers. Aside from the staples, what else would we love in our stockings? A great moisturiser for protecting our peachy cheeks from the elements (or nourishing after), a gator or running beanie to keep us toasty, a snuggly cover up or cashmere leggings to keep us cosy after our workouts, a nice mat or mat bag and finally ….

… A fabulous little dress to show off all our fabulousness and a hot night out with our loved ones.

Oh and gin, diamonds and world peace. xx

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