Vintage Pilates: Why Age is No Barrier to Pilates

Age is no barrier to Pilates. It’s one of the lovely things about it. Pilates is fully inclusive. I’ve had participants from 8 to 80+ (younger if you count the odd 8 week old who attends with mummy in my post natal classes). BUT … for a while now I’ve wanted to tailor a class specifically for the needs of the older body.

I use that phrase with care. I hate the term Active Seniors. To me it’s patronising. And considering I’m rapidly approaching a major birthday with a 4 in it, my own Active Senior-ing is currently closer to me than my early twenties.

Far from being about slowing down, I’m seeing more and more people in their 50s and 60s who are speeding up. Caring for grandchildren. Trying new careers. Travelling to far off climes. It’s so important to feel vital in this critical stage of life and it’s something I really want to help with.

Sometimes we are afraid to move because of pain. Or we’ve been told we’re at risk of x, y or z if we move. Don’t play golf, it’s bad for your back. Don’t over stretch. Don’t run, it’s bad for your knees. Well hey, there’s no quicker way to a) feel miserable and b) get stiff/sore and put yourself at risk of injury if you do nothing.

The most common feedback I get from participants after their first month of Pilates is, ‘I just have so much energy now and I want to move … I want to join my children/grandchildren on the climbing frame.’

And so I’ve designed Vintage Pilates. Because let’s face it. We get better with age.

This class is specifically designed for the older participant (55+). Whilst all my Pilates classes aim to challenge, this class will take into account various medical conditions commonly associated with ageing, like osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, post menopause complications and nervous system conditions. As well as traditional and modified Pilates moves, we’ll also do basic resistance training and mobility to help participants keep as active and pain free as possible in their daily lives.

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