Online Circuits

As you know, here at Fit School central we’re busily creating the first of our online fitness packages, Pilates Online.

Now of course, we have a bank holiday coming up and sometimes, circumstances conspire to mean you just can’t get to class. So here’s a Pilates circuit for you to try at home.

There’s a warm up and three different circuits for you to either do all together, do each a few times or pick a few!

BTW. Due to the power of playlists I’ve lined these all up on the Fit School Pilates Playlist so you shouldn’t have to click on each one, they’ll magically play in sequence!

Fit School Pilates Circuit Warm-Up

Fit School Pilates Circuit. Part 1.

Fit School Pilates Circuit. Part 2.

Fit School Pilates Circuit. Part 3.

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