Ante Natal Pilates: What’s all the fuss about?

Ante Natal Pilates in Epping. Pilates for Pregnancy.

So you’re pregnant. Congratulations. How are you feeling?

Nauseous? Overwhelmed? Excited? Relieved?

It’s a time of your life when there are so many expectations on you and of how it will feel to be pregnant. But when it actually happens, it can leave you feeling – well – confused.

Throughout the 15+ years I’ve been teaching ante natal Pilates my class has become a combination of Pilates, mobility and ante natal care. I also share a wealth of information I’ve learned about pregnancy and pregnant womens’ bodies throughout those years.

I’m a Pilates teacher with experience of 100’s of different pregnancies, women I’ve seen through classes and one to one training. But I’m also a mum, who’s had two very different pregnancies and births and two VERY different children! I still work with new mums every week and am very much surrounded by the pre and post natal bubble in all that I do. I want to help, I know how to help and I know where to refer on for extra help if it’s not in my remit.

I’m fitness professional with a passion for all things women’s health. I care about you being as comfortable and happy as possible during your pregnancy. I also care about ensuring your experience of labour and birth is the best it can be for you. Perhaps most importantly, I care about you, as a woman, recovering after birth and getting back to being you.

Back to Pilates, if you’ve never done it before you might be puzzled as to why it’s so good for those in the pudding club.

Here are just a few reasons based on my experience and the experiences of my beautiful bumps and ladies!


  • Pilates is a gentle, mat based class (although can be adapted to use swiss balls etc), and as such is very controlled form of exercise. Perfect for mums-to-be who want to do something positive for their bodies, without risk of injury.
  • When you’re in a class, you’re not exercising alone, so if anything does happen, there are experts on hand to support you.
  • Pilates specifically focuses on muscles in the trunk and pelvic floor, which can all help mum’s body to support a growing baby.
  • During classes we focus on exercises to relieve common aches and pains, like back ache or pelvic pain, hips or neck aches. Many women, after trying a class, find the relief so great that they sign up for two a week!


  • Pilates focuses on breathing and relaxation, some of the techniques we use can be used during labour to help you relax, thereby enabling you to cope with pain better (or just take in gas and air without feeling sick)!
  • We incorporate exercises that encourage optimal baby positioning for birth and you can do these at home too. We’ve had quite a few stubborn breach babies go head down after class.
  • We also do gentle pelvis mobility exercises which are essential for easing baby’s head out of that very small space.
  • A strong and healthy pelvic floor is better equipped to both stretch and push during birth. In my classes we don’t just squeeze, we all understand how to train and engage our pelvic floor muscles. Did you know they go virtually all the way up to your cervix?


  • Whilst Pilates won’t strip belly fat, healthy abdominal muscles do make your waist appear smaller. I’ve lost count of the number of women who have received compliments after doing Pilates because they appear slimmer, even when they’ve not lost any weight!
  • Getting your abdominals and pelvic floor strong again post delivery will ensure you can go back to all your favourite activities without fear of incontinence or prolapse and without risking distended abdominals.

So what would you do in my ante natal Pilates classes? Here’s my take on things: Pilates for Pregnancy

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For more information on classes visit Ante Natal Pilates
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