10 Golden Rules for Clean and Lean Living


It’s holiday time and the sun is out, suddenly thoughts turn to belly rolls and how to get rid of them before you hit the beach.

I am no advocate of extreme dieting or starvation BUT there are a few tweaks you can make in the last few weeks before your holidays to really see and feel the difference. So if you have four, two or even one week to go, it’s not too late to feel a little more comfortable in your skin (not to mention have glowing skin to boot).

Great digestion, hydration and avoiding foods that tend to bloat or trigger fat storage around the tummy are the golden rules of tummy taming. Here are my 10 golden rules:

1. Drink at least two litres of water a day. Grab some two litre bottles of Evian to make it easy to count. Hydration prevents water retention and promotes good digestion.

2. Cut out all refined sugars, alcohol, fizzy drinks, fruit juice and dried fruit. Consuming these creates an insulin response in your body which will encourage fat stores around your tummy.

3. Leave at least four hours between meals and 12 overnight. Time your meals to ensure your body gets a break from digesting, this will also prevent you picking between meals. Time out between meals gives your hormones time to re-set so you’ll avoid the ups and downs associated with snacking. If you’re desperate for flavour have a herb tea.

4. Consume plenty of oily fish and oil rich foods like avocados. Do have nuts but with your meal. You might also consider a supplement. Oils are great for keeping your digestive system healthy and for making your skin, hair and nails glow.

5. Stick to lean meats and protein sources. Fatty meats can be harder to digest and in a short time frame, the excess calories from fats aren’t your friend.

6. Avoid known bloating foods. Fizzy drinks, beans, cabbage, leeks and pulses are fairly common ones but if you know others that affect you, then find alternatives.

7. Cut out wheat completely, especially bread. Pasta, crackers, weetabix etc are all big belly culprits.

8. Cut down on grains like rice and oats. Stick to a two dessert spoon serving (uncooked quantity) and find alternatives to conventional cereals.

9. Keep coffee and caffeine to the morning to ensure you avoid excess bloating and sleep well at night.

10. Fill up on colourful vegetables and fruits. Sweet potatoes, broccoli, swede, yams, strawberries, avocados and raspberries are all packed with nutrients and will give you a sweet hit when you need it.

And finally … remember no matter what shape or size you are, you are beautiful. Stand tall and wear your body with pride.

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