Ease back to health: Getting bootylicious

So the sugar fast is holding for me, with the help of green tea, raspberries and pears.  And I’m already feeling better for eating well. It reminded me that great food, good moods and exercise all go hand in hand.  As soon as I made the decision to eat better, I remembered to take my supplements, like vitamins, probiotics and omega oils regularly and I suddenly had the urge to get strong again.

So I’m starting with the booty.  I’ve always had one but it disappeared after Isaac. Lots of sitting on it and not enough deadlifts mean my bottom has lost its former glory.  In the past 24 hours I’ve seen three images that have inspired me to get squatting again.  I’ll share them.

Firstly, this is possibly the worst picture of a squat I have seen in a very long time.  It was featured in a Marie Claire gallery about how to get toned legs. Never squat like this (this model clearly doesn’t) and do not bother with this teensy weights.  I will NOT be doing any of these:

Instead I will be doing lots of these. Babies know how to squat. They do it all the time and their technique is perfect.

And very hopefully, all these squats will make my booty look like this:

But until that happens, I’ll at least be able to run better, walk safer and improve hip and lower back stability so I can be pain free with a nice booty 😉

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  1. To be able to squat like a baby is still just about manageable but I cannot push back up again. My knees are in turmoil… But to have a booty like that… Yes, that is something to which I aspire.

    • Start by sitting down on a chair and standing up again. Gradually increase the depth of your squat. Or try squatting whilst holding a broom handle, it will give you a hand coming back up. Get Gus to show you xx

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