How to get abs like Jess Ennis

Since the end of all the fabulousness that has been the Olympics, my timelines and inboxes have been filled with stories about how to get a body like . . . (fill in the blank with any number of female athletes).

On the plus side, I’m loving the girl power of team GB and hoping that sporty girlies finally get a bit more coverage in the media.  I’m also a big fan of slogans like, ‘fit is the new it’ and ‘strong not skinny’.

BUT . . . and I’m afraid to break it to you sister . . . Ms Ennis’ abs have been grafted in the gym, on the track and in the kitchen.  And, contrary to what some publications might have you believe, a weekly set of crunches and planks ain’t gonna’ get you a six pack.  So what will?


There’s a motto that does the rounds on the fitness circuit. Great abs are made in the kitchen, not in the gym. Why bother having tummy muscles if you hide them under a layer of flab?

To set them free, the first place to start is by stripping processed food from your diet. Swap sugar for fresh coconut and ditch the morning cereal or toast. Think fresh, good quality protein accompanied by lots of dark green veggies. Replace grains with vegetables like sweet potatoes and acquire an omega oil OCD.


Water. Lots of it. At least two litres a day. End of discussion.


Three of Jess’ events are on the track and the rest need a good, fast run up to gain power.  Sprinting is one of the best ways to get great abs.  Just look at any female sprinter for proof.

A great way to start out sprinting is with hill sprints. They are fantastic fat burners and make for a super speedy workout.  It’s pretty simple to do. Find a hill and run up it fast. Walk down it, then run up it again. Fast. Until your legs won’t move any more (it won’t take long). Think about picking up your knees and pumping with your arms.


Learn how to use them and enjoy them. Ditch the dull cross trainer for a cardio weights session. Gain muscle. Enjoy food. Shed fat. It works.


This is a biggie. Rounded, stooped shoulders give you a belly. Stand up tall.


When your core works effectively, it pulls your tummy in and gives you that flat tummy look.  This is why many people find their waists get smaller when they start doing Pilates.  Here’s a modified, basic version of the Pilates One Hundred to get you started:

But of course, nothing beats getting to a class.


Thinking or planning about how to get a fabulous body whilst sitting on your bum is a start but nothing beats actually getting up off it and walking out of the door in a pair of trainers.  SO GET MOVING!

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