Six weeks to OMG: Get skinnier than all your friends

This is the latest diet book to make it big.  Make it so big in fact that author Venice A Fulton (real name Paul Khanna) is set to make monster bucks as the paperback version of his book flies of the shelves.

Previously self-published on line, Six weeks to OMG is doing for the dieting literature what Fifty Shades is doing for mummy porn.

So what’s it all about?  Well looking into it, aside from the audacious claims and controversy it’s created – teenagers everywhere are apparently starving themselves and drinking nothing but black coffee in ice baths, says The Daily Mail – I think it’s genius.

Mr Fulton/Khanna has managed to re-package proper scientific research and facts in a way that lay persons can understand and he’s going to make a mint from doing it.  Good for him!

Through my line of work, I come across a lot of information about fat burning. I know fat burning experts. People who are making serious money through helping other people to shed fat. And they are making serious money because that’s what people really want.

I’ve made it pretty clear that fat stripping isn’t my bag. It’s harsh. I have no desire to be strict enough to enforce it and speedy fat stripping is pretty intense and not a long-term health strategy.  But if it’s what people want, then Mr Fulton/Khanna has got his facts straight and has spent a lot of time poring through research papers to get it right.

Here are a few of his OMG strategies:

Do not eat breakfast. Contrary to what cereal manufacturers will tell you a breakfast of black coffee will do more for fat burning than a bowl of processed corn.  Caffeine revs your engine, that’s why F1 drivers do all their fat stripping on an empty stomach.

Eat little, infrequently. Snack culture would have us eating regularly to keep out metabolism high. But nibbling on snacks gives your body a quick source of energy to burn.  When you want to target stubborn fat stores, fasting is key.

Take cold baths. When your body cools down, it needs energy to warm up. Fact. So an ice bath or simply exercising in the cold will help you to burn more calories.

If there’s one strategy I’d take from his book to pass on to you it’s this one.  Intermittent fasting. If you’ve had a big weekend, or a big night out and eaten/drunk too much, rather than starting the day with an uncomfortable breakfast you don’t really want or need, skip it.  Replace it with a black coffee (with a teensy bit of milk if you need it) and wait until late morning or early lunch for a good meal that’s high in protein, good fats and plenty of veggies.  Think of it as rebooting your system.  But it needs to be good foods and not a slab of cake!

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