Make the Exercise You Love Safe During the First Trimester

Make the Exercise You Love Safe During the First Trimester

You’re starting to try for a baby and want to make sure the exercise you’re doing is safe during the first trimester of pregnancy.

You’re already pregnant but confused by the conflicting information about exercising safely during the first trimester.

Can you still do weights?

Should you do yoga?

Should you push through the fatigue?

Should you just put everything on hold until after the first trimester?

    I’m Karen, and I’m a Pilates instructor specialising in pre/post natal and women’s health.

    I created the Step by Step Plan To Making the Exercise You Love Safe During the First Trimester because I could see busy, working women, who’d just found out they were pregnant struggling with how they could or even if they should exercise during the first trimester.

    Which left them feeling confused about who they could ask, anxious about whether they could just continue with the workouts they loved and out of control of their bodies at a time when they wanted to do everything right.

    But it is possible to adapt your current exercise programme during the first trimester - if you have the right strategies in place, expert guidelines to follow and you know the signs of when to stop.

    With over nearly 18 years experience teaching and writing about pre and post natal exercise and Pilates I know exactly how to guide expectant mums safely through the tricky first trimester.

    My strategies have helped 100s of pregnant women stay active throughout their pregnancy and beyond, getting active with their new babies too.

    Which is what inspired me to create this guide.





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